Do The Time Warp

by Allen Rockwell

Here is a cool little tip if you have taken a bunch of photos in a time zone other than your camera's "home" time zone.

Select all the images that are showing up with the wrong time data in the EXIF "Image Date" field then select the "Metadata" menu and then the "Batch Change" option (or Shift+Command+B). Click the "Adjust Time Zone" radio button and then select your camera's time zone from the top drop-down and then select the actual time zone where the photos were taken in the second drop-down.

Then just press the OK button. That's it, all the selected images will have their date and time data modified to reflect the actual date/time the photo was taken ... rather than what time it was "back home".


It should be noted that this "time warp" can be performed during the import process by selecting the time zone drop-downs on the right hand side of the screen. The above tip is for those of us that forget to check that option on import.

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Keep shooting.

Allen Rockwell
Allen Rockwell Photography


James Duncan Davidson
2007-01-27 13:30:56
This is a great tip to share. I do this all the time when I'm on the road!
2007-01-28 02:37:29
Actually, you can even modifie (within limits, it's too tedious for big jumps...) the date, think of a camera with a wrong time. if it is for a few hours, play to modifie the hours within the timezones for example Tokyo to Berlin gives minus 8 hours. Than change again the time zone back to Tokyo WITHOUT time shifting by putting both camera and actual time to Tokyo. The result is now Tokyo Time again, but 8 hours before...


Heath Clayton
2007-01-28 07:25:47
Is there a way to change the date that is off by years? I have scanned 8000 slides that have the date of 2006 when they should be 1964 - 2002. From my research this doesn't seem possible in Aperture. The only work arounds I have found are export to iPhoto, change one at a time, import to Aperture or use a shareware program called Timeature.

Cheers__ Heath

Daniel mendez
2007-01-30 09:01:58
The real timewarp...
I was doing a process similar to that suggested by Bernt for a while, but it was very complicated to figure out what timezone to use as destination.

Here is the better (I think) way:
Choose GMT for the initial time, then GMT+8 or whatever time you need to ADD or SUBSTRACT!
You can even do 24hr increments if you choose GMT-12 and GMT+12.
Then do one last run where you select to adjust the timezone, but leave both dropdowns set at the desired timezone (i.e. EST). The last step resets all to your timezone, but there is no shift in time.

I hope this helps! This certainly will save you tons of time trying to figure out timezones and their differences.