Do you talk to your WiFi neighbors?

by Todd Ogasawara

I used to have the only WiFi access points around my home area for several years.
Now, there are 7 APs I can see (including my 2 APs: one 802.11b for my PDAs and one 802.11g for everything else).
Of the 5 APs that don't belong to me,
four are using Channel 6 and one uses channel 11.
I tried to choose channels that should avoid colliding with them (though they seem far enough away that I don't think we would interfere much with each other).
I wonder, though, if some of them are colliding with each other and getting less out of their wireless networks than they might get otherwise.

Have any of you worked with your neighbors to try to create a better wireless situation in your area?
If you have, please chime in here with your experience in this area and suggestions for those of us just starting to think about this situation.

Do you get involved with your neighbors to try to get everyone to the point where their WiFi setup is reasonably secure and avoiding channel overlap?