DocBook redesign ponderings

by Jason McIntosh

[Covered by Mike Smith of XML Hack months ago, but it's news to me anyway, so you get to read about it again. Hooray for weblogs.]

DocBook design daddy Norm Walsh ponders a bottom-up DocBook redesign, and then he ponders some more. He wants to modernize and streamline the language, tossing out a lot of redundancies and designing it with XML, the Web, and things like RELAX-NG in mind. (None of these technologies existed during DocBook's initial design phase.)

I can appreciate this sentiment, and it reminds me of my recent discovery of James Clark's nXML-mode for Emacs. It's interesting to watch the often confusing SGML-era cruft finally start to wash off the XML applications I've been using since shortly after its introduction, five years ago.

Link found on the WhatIsWrongWithDocBook page from DocBook's Wiki, where more (and more recent) discussion may be found.