DocBook XSL 1.68.0 released

by Michael(tm) Smith

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The most signficant new feature in this release is probably the addition of support for side floats, margin notes, and custom floats in FO/PDF output.

Heres's the full list of changes for the release


  • Moved footnote properties to attribute-sets.

  • Added support for side floats, margin notes, and
    custom floats.

  • Added new parameters
    body.start.indent and
    body.end.indent to the template.

  • Added support for xml:id

  • Added support for

  • Added support for multiple refnamedivs.

  • Added

    attribute-set to support customization of index

  • Added
    call to each fo:flow
    to support customizations entry point.

  • Add support for @floatstyle in

  • Moved hardcoded properties for index division titles
    to the


  • Added support for
    table-layout="auto" for XEP.

  • Added

  • $verbose parameter is now
    passed to most elements.

  • Added refentry to
    toc in part, as it is
    permitted by the DocBook schema/DTD.

  • Added backmatter elements and
    article to toc in
    part, since they are permitted by the
    DocBook schema/DTD.

  • Added mode="toc" for
    simplesect, since it is now permitted in
    the toc if is set.

  • Moved hard-coded properties to

    attribute sets.

  • Added support for sidebar-width and
    float-type processing instructions in

  • For tables with HTML markup elements, added support
    for dbfo bgcolor PI, the attribute-sets
    named,,, and
    table.cell.padding. Also added
    support for the templates named and so that
    tabstyles can be implemented. Also added support for tables
    containing only tr instead of
    tbody with tr.

  • Added new paramater
    hyphenate.verbatim.characters which
    can specify characters after which a line break can occur in
    verbatim environments. This parameter can be used to extend
    the initial set of characters which contain only space and
    non-breakable space.

  • Added itemizedlist.label.markup to enable
    selection of different bullet symbol. Also added several
    potential bullet characters, commented out by default.

  • Enabled all id's in XEP output for external olinking.



  • Added new SVG admonition graphics and navigation images.