Document-driven data architecture in practice

by Uche Ogbuji

I've been working at Sun since 2001 as close architectural consultant on various pioneering uses of XML, SOA and Semantic technologies in a couple of divisions, first through Fourthought and now through Zepheira. Sun has been the practical landing pad for some of the topics I visit so often here and in my articles. I tend to not talk much directly about my work with them, in order to respect any commercial advantage they may deem, but I often wish more details were open, and not just the strategic overview as in the SwoRDFish paper. It delights me then that my long-time manager Kristen Harris, Director of Content Management Engineering, has recently been opening up some useful details as part of her group's effort to reach out more to the community of Sun users, and to technical communities on the Web overall.


2008-04-22 05:05:07

Welcome back. I can't wait to read your latest thoughts.

Best wishes!