Does it Work? Is it Right? Are we Done?

by chromatic

My colleague Jim Shore has just released a transcript of a short talk he gave called Does It Work? Are We Done? Is It Right? (Keep It Light!). I share Jim's thesis that there are three questions we need to answer in software development if we want to achieve any sort of success. In Jim's words:

So I want to answer these quality questions, "does it work, are we done, is it right," without incurring waste... and ideally, I'd like to do it in a way that makes me faster, not slower.

His talk specifically addressed testing, especially functional testing, but in working with him I've found that asking those questions of any part of a software development process is incredibly valuable.


2007-11-30 08:15:27
I think he's leaving a lot to be explained from the video. The term "Examples" is thrown out and I now have to go watch the video to find out how this is different from User Stories, which are also an incredible conceptualization and validation tool.
2007-11-30 09:49:28
Don't know about anyone else, but it reminded me of "development can be done good, cheap, or fast--pick two".