Does MSFT Secretly [HEART] AtomPub?

by M. David Peterson

Two recent entries, one in the form of a blog entry from Dare Obasanjo, the other in the form of a post to the FeedSync list from Steven Lees, both in the last 24 hours,

ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria) Transforms SQL Server into an Atom Store

This is sick. With Astoria I can expose my relational database or even a local just an XML file using a RESTful interface that utilizes the Atom Publishing Protocol or JSON. I am somewhat amused that one of the options is placing a RESTful interface over a SOAP Web Service. My, how times have changed…

It is pretty cool that Microsoft is the first major database vendor to bring the dream of the Atom store to fruition. I also like that one of the side effects of this is that there is now an AtomPub client library for .NET Framework.

Of course, I'm sure there will be many who will contend that GData, and therefore Google were the first to bring the "dream" of an Atom store to fruition my bad. Dare stated "first major database vendor", which as far as I know is a true and fair statement. That said, I'm leaving in my props to Joe Gregorio cuz' he deserves both the credit and attention, regardless of the fact that he isn't a major DB vendor either. and to be completely honest, Joe Gregorio not only brought forward the original dream of the Atom store, but was the originating dreamer that brought AtomPub into existence, quietly building both the client and server pieces of this dream while at the same time acting as the (lead?) editor on a two man *ROCKSTAR* team, and backed by some of the brightest minds in the industry to ensure that the final result was what it needed to be. But let's try and set aside differences in perspective for now and take a look at what Steven Lees has to say,