Does PC Tools Tell Lies About Windows Defender?

by Preston Gralla

PC Tools is touting a new study that claims Windows Defender can't detect nearly half the spyware threats it encounters. But the company glosses over two facts: The study was in fact paid for by PC Tools; and a beta version of Windows Defender was tested, not the final version.


2007-02-21 17:01:16
VCD Cutter

2007-02-21 17:05:41
Kind of funny that a paid study found something was better than a MS product. Aren't those kind of studies usually funded by Microsoft?

Small Joke intended.

Criss M.
2007-02-23 20:10:42
Their product is miserable. It protects well the OS but has huge resource consumption, it even blocks the IE from using the microsoft update site. I complained about this to their support and nix, of course I got back some bla-bla ... but not a solution, I had to disable-it for having the machine still running(PIV with 1GB RAM!) Because of the poor support and not offering a resolution to the problem I didn't renewed my subscription ... shame to you PC Tools ...