Does SavaJe XE OS spell the end to Java 2ME?

by Steve Anglin

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That's right, the Java 2SE (Standard Edition) platform, normally a programming platform for client-side PC systems, can now be used for handheld devices! What does this mean for Java 2ME (Micro Edition)

Does this REALLY replace Java 2ME application development?


2001-07-30 13:51:59
SavaJe XE vs J2ME
For Passport Corporation, the answer to the question, "Does SavaJe XE spell the end to Java 2ME?", is a resounding "YES!"

Our technology team visited JavaOne in June 2001. Our goal was to learn more about J2ME. When we discovered SavaJe XE, we abandoned that goal and focused on the SavaJe J2SE solution for the iPAQ.

When we returned home, we downloaded SavaJe XE, stripped off Windows CE from the iPAQ handheld and installed XE in its place. We then ported our remote Java presentation technology, code-named JAWS (for Java Asynchronous Windowing Services) to the XE. To accelerate this process, we became a SavaJe Gold Partner.

The results are dramatic! All of our existing Web-based JAWS applications are able to run virtually unchanged on the SavaJe XE platform. There was no need for us to do a major rewrite (and dumb down) to support the limitations of J2ME for the stylus-driven and keypad-driven class of devices that we are initially targeting.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with the SavaJe XE solution to our wireless Web challenge.

-Jack H. Schwartz, CTO & VP Wireless Internet Solutions, Passport Corporation, Paramus, NJ