Does Tiger's Burn Folder Char Toast?

by Derrick Story

Until Tiger, I appreciated (but loathed the method for) being able to burn CDs and DVDs right in the operating system. The entire process of having to copy every file before burning the disc encouraged me to keep my license of Toast Titanium up to speed.

Even though it was a separate app that costs $$ to keep current, Toast saved me valuable time when preparing CDs and DVDs to deliver to my clients. I'd tell it what files to burn, and it burned them -- no fooling around for 10 minutes before laying down the tracks.

But Tiger seems to be changing that, at least for me. I've started using the Burn Folder instead of launching Toast. I simply keep one on my Desktop and drag files to it as I work. The Burn Folder creates aliases of the files (so I can keep them where ever I want), and when I click the Burn button (in the upper right hand corner of the window), it goes right to work.

The discs play back equally well on Mac and Windows machines. In fact, I haven't had any problems with the entire process, and it fits nicely into my workflow.

So the question is, do we still need Toast?


2005-08-15 15:36:44
Does the burn folder...
let you mount things like .bin or .iso images?
Can you use it to make an audio CD? Or an actual ISO CD?

Those are just a couple of things that I've done with Toast that I know I would miss.


2005-08-15 19:17:02

Does Tiger's Burn Folder Char Toast?

Toast or others are needed for multi-session CD burning since Apple still have not added that in yet at the Finder level... have to use Disk Utility... na then they don't all go under a single icon but rather multiple disks mounting on the desktop...


2005-08-15 20:49:13
Does the burn folder...
ISO images are handled by /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility, audio CDs can be created with iTunes. As for .bin, note that this format has been developed by Aladdin Systems, makers of Stuffit.
2005-08-16 03:05:39
Does Tiger's Burn Folder Char Toast?
So how do you get Toast to make a multi-session disk with only a single disk mounted on the desktop?
2005-08-17 08:12:58
Does the burn folder...
iTunes is not a substitute for Toast when it comes to burning audio CDs. In fact, I'd say that anyone who needs to do anything more complex than burn some low-grade MP3s onto disc will still need Toas. For audio work Toast is unbeatable.
2005-08-22 11:22:57
Roxio Responds with Toast 7
No sooner than I ask the question, Roxio responds. See my latest weblog: