Dojo on Adobe AIR

by Matthew Russell

Dojo is now compatible to run on Adobe AIR, which shipped as of today. The press release does a great job of summarizing, but this excerpt is worth repeating:

The updates to the Dojo Toolkit make it even easier for Ajax developers to create engaging applications on Adobe AIR,” said [Rob] Christensen [senior product manager, Adobe AIR at Adobe]. Ajax developers can take full advantage of the Dojo Toolkit's powerful user interface components including menus, tree controls, tabs, rich text editors, and effects libraries to build rich, cross-operating system applications for the desktop.

Complete information on getting Dojo running in an AIR environment can be found here.

It's going to be quite exciting to see Dojo on the desktop. AIR developers, I'd be interesting in hearing back about your experiences with Dojo as you press forward.