Dollar Store Finds: XtremeMac

by Erica Sadun


If you live near a Dollar Tree and you own an iPod, you might want to pop by and see whether they have any iPod Video XtremeMac TuffWraps in stock. The 3-Pack iPod accessory cases, which usually sell for $30-$35 per 3-pack have been sighted in these dollar stores for a buck. My local store had them sized for 30GB, 60 GB and nanos but stock will vary by location.

Also on offer for a buck: XtremeMac's AirPlay FM transmitter for the iPod (older style ones, with the port next to the jack). Better yet, this comes with a free one-month 3-audio Audible membership--albeit only for new customers. This is the same transmitter you find at Amazon for about $7 and up.


2007-04-17 21:55:57