Don't be misled, Xindice is dead

by Tim O'Brien

Today on OnJava, there are two articles. The first, by OnJava's Editor, Chris Adamson, is a good article - "What is Java?". Basic, to the point, meeting a need that continues to exist as people continue to adopt Java. Contrary to what you might have been led to believe by recent high-profile blog posts. People continue to adopt Java for new systems, and there is a need to continually refresh introductory material.

The second article is innapropriate and misleading. It is titled "Storing an XML Document in Apache Xindice" by Deepak Vohra. Every once in a whlie, an article slips thorugh the "Radar", and you'll see an article that just doesn't cut it. To publish a article about Xindice at this point is criminal negligence, it is like publishing an article about Apache JServ in 2006 and calling it new. Once upon a time, "Xindice" was considered "new" and "promising", now the only appropriate term is "dead". Want more convincing? Read more in this entry.

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2006-03-09 19:52:25
right on!!

2006-03-10 04:47:02
I can't say that this posting surprised me because when I took a quick look at the Xindice article yesterday I saw a link to in the article. has been domain squatted for months and months. What author writes and article and links to a site that was dead almost a year before the article is published?
John Reynolds
2006-03-10 07:33:42

I have to mildly disagree with your statement...

" is valuable, but it is less of a community and more of a for Java. "

We are developing a very healthy group of bloggers over at, as well has some pretty active forums... at least the beginnings of a community.

George Jempty
2006-03-14 03:41:27
Somebody recently told me Jakarta/POI/HSSF is dead as well. Can anybody confirm?