Don't Forget About Onscreen Proofing in Aperture

by Derrick Story

During a recent chat with Joe Schorr about color management, he reminded me of a tip that I use a lot, but haven't discussed much: onscreen proofing. This is very handy when reviewing a batch of images that you know you're going to run through the printer. I use the Epson R2400 and the HP 9180. As you can image, they both have very different inks and paper stocks. So choosing the printer profile and paper stock that I'm going to use while working in Aperture really cuts down on the number of test prints I have to run.

Onscreen Proofing in Aperture
You can set up onscreen proofing under the View menu in Aperture.

You have to have your printer ICC profiles loaded in order for them to show up in the View menu. But you need those anyway :) I'll sometimes create a new version to make adjustments for a specific profile, such as a paper that's warmer than the normal stocks I use. Overall, I find this tool handy. So, if you're not using it already, give on-screen proofing a try, and see if you saves you a sheet of paper here and there.


2007-02-13 14:45:53
when I use the proofing, does aperture alter the entire screen or just my photos' colors?
2007-02-24 04:59:49
Be advised, ImagePrint profiles do not show up in Aperture!