Don't Miss a Spot

by Jan Kabili

navigator2.jpgDon't miss a spot when you're cleaning up a large photo with the Remove Spots tool in the Develop module. Rather than scrolling around randomly looking for dust spots, use this trick to make sure you've examined every bit of the photo.

In the Navigator panel, set the zoom level to 1:1. Drag the white frame overlay to the top left of the image in the Navigator panel. Repair any spots you see in the visible area of the photo. Then press the Page Down key on your keyboard to move vertically to the next unviewed area of the photo.

Here's the kicker. When you reach the bottom of the photo and press the Page Down key one more time, Lightroom automatically jumps to the next unviewed area at the top of the photo. This automatic jump works the same way if you're using the Page Up key to work through the photo from the bottom up.


Alan B.
2007-03-05 11:29:25
Great tip! Thanks for sharing this.

Now I've gotta go find that great shot with the (dust spotted) blue sky... Been putting it off while waiting for the release of v1.0;)