Don't tread on me!

by Jeremiah Foster

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I am surprised at the lack of outrage here on the O'Reilly blogs, and on the internet in general. The Sony XCP fiasco is starting to coalesce into a prefect storm, receiving mainstream media coverage and now an open letter from the EFF demanding compensation and public apology, but here it seems like business as usual. That surprises me a bit since many Free Software and Open Source people are politically aware.

I would think the corporate root-kit would incense people who work with computers. Perhaps we have become complacent in the face of all the attacks we face on our infrastructure already and a corporate root-kit is not much of a shock. But to me it is shocking, and frightening.

There was some discussion a while back about the fact the many virii and worms were merely "proof of concept" software and the payload that they potentially might deliver would be devastating. While this Sony thing is not devastating in and of itself, it shows the mindset of large coporations; they are willing to commit acts of near sabotage to protect their perceived markets. It lends credence to the notion that corporations and rogue nations are actively involved in the propagation of malware.

I think we all need to do more to preserve our rights, it seems like they are under attack more today than in a long while.

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2005-11-15 21:07:53
Sony's malfeasance is too banal... elicit outrage, at least from me. I am utterly unsurprised at this admittedly outrageous behaviour. Have you read a modern EULA? Besides, I run Linux, and have somewhat more control over what runs and doesn't run on my machine.