Don't Waste Your Time

by Mikkel Aaland

Many digital camera manufacturers offer custom image effects that are sometimes quite compelling. The Canon 5D, for example, offers you a choice of electronic filters and toning effects to create a specific black and white look. But if you are using Lightroom and shooting RAW, don't waste your time fiddling with these settings; they won't be recognized.


2007-05-24 23:42:32
I have noticed that you have your name in place of "Adobe Lightroom" above the Navigator. I just wanted to know how is it possible?
2007-05-25 00:10:26
Agree with the drift of your argument, and these settings are undocumented so LR can't be expected to use them. But wouldn't it be great if LR could display the camera's preview on demand? Maybe it's unimportant and you should decide afterwards, but how do you remember that you planned a shot to be sepia?

Keerthi - look at the Identity Plate setting.

Tim Sewell
2007-05-25 01:15:43
Granted this is what happens. However, during the actual shoot, if I'm intending to produce B&W images (for instance) at the end, I find it useful to have that setting in-camera to help me visualise how the lighting etc. will pan out - so not really a waste of time at all for me!
Sean McCormack
2007-05-25 19:05:46
This is one of the few cases where I actively use RAW + JPEG mode. While V1.0 treats the JPEG as a sidecar file, it is possible to get them to import them by choosing a folder other than the RAW folder. As this issue came up in one of the Podcasts, I suspect they will work on it. Then we'll have the best of both worlds for situations like these!
2007-05-25 19:24:29
Ah, Sean, wouldn't it be nice if Lightroom would import both the RAW and JPEG at the same time? We can dream, right?
Sean McCormack
2007-05-25 20:12:07
Indeed it would!
2007-05-28 05:20:10

As you comment, sometimes I see a beautifull photo during some seconds and suddenly LR kill the colors of my Photo.
How can I get theses colors? ... yes, Can be usefull that LR show the emmbeded preview on Demand.

But, It is a huge work to try to simulate the colors that the camera gets using camera settings.

I am trying to get a LR Preset to simulate a Nikon camera presets (or NX) presets to get the same colors with LR.
do you know where can I get them?

Note: I want NX colors in LR program!!!