Dot Mac Family Pack

by Michael Brewer

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Apple has released a new Family Pack for users of their Dot Mac service. This addresses some of my concerns over their $10 additional accounts. Mainly that my wife couldn't even synchronize her Address Book with the Dot Mac Address Book for use in Webmail.

"The .Mac Family Pack offers an easy, cost-effective way to extend your family's Mac experience to the Internet. You'll get one main .Mac subscriber account with 250MB of storage space and four additional .Mac accounts with 100MB of storage space each. All five members have access to the services that come with a regular .Mac subscription, plus a Shared iDisk folder for you and your family."

I'm not too thrilled about the pricing ($179.95 for the Family Pack – $149.95 until May 23), because I'll probably only use three accounts and I believe I should only have to pay $119 for that ($99 + $10 + $10). Still, it is a move in the right direction and they did add the shared iDisk folder which will probably be pretty neat.

If I do decide to re-subscribe to Dot Mac, I'll probably enable the other two accounts for the extra space anyway.

What do you think of the new Dot Mac Family Pack?