Double-Check Raw Fine Tuning in Aperture

by Derrick Story


Long time Aperture users might want to double-check the Raw Fine Tune panel in the Adjustments HUD before printing and other critical output. Why? Well, as I learned the other day, there is sometimes a big difference between Fine Tune 1.0 and 1.1

This issue came up for me recently when printing large format on an HP Z2100. I noticed some funkiness in the processing of Raw files from my Canon 5D. After a little investigation, I saw that this older image has "1.0" selected under Raw Fine Tune instead of 1.1, I reprocessed the image with 1.1, and noticed a big improvement.

I'm sure the difference varies from image to image, but if you've been using Aperture for a while, you might want to double-check Raw Fine Tuning to make sure you're getting the best processing possible.


2007-02-05 08:08:52
What's the default setting, 1.0?
Matthew Brown
2007-02-12 16:18:36
The default for photos you import under newer versions of Aperture is 1.1. However, photos you imported under 1.0 will remain as 1.0 until you change them. This is so that no unexpected changes happen in your images when you upgrade.