Down on Technology

by Eric M. Burke

My wife made an interesting comment the other day. Something like "gee, honey, you are really down on technology lately.". This was after I was cursing at the computer because yet another program was broken.

Here are some recent examples:

  • I tried to download some evaluation software from Borland the other day. After filling out their little survey and going to the downloads page, I find that the link is broken. They swear that it works, so I tried it from home. It still doesn't work. The URL looks a little weird, so my hunch is that they are pointing to an internal machine that is not available from outside of their network.
  • I tried to take advantage of Missouri's great new program where you can pay for updated license plates online. The problem is, the system fails every time I try to submit my personal property tax info. I guess it's back to paper.
  • I tried to register a new account with a service called Privista that lets me track my credit report online. The registration totally bombs when I enter my credit card info, however, printing a huge JSP stack trace. So now I'm wondering...did they bill my card? Do they have other nasty bugs that could expose my data to other surfers?
  • I tried to download updated JDBC drivers from Oracle. When I try to create an account for myself, their web site craps out with a big stack trace.

The list goes on and on....NOTHING seems to work these days! OK, that's an exaggeration, but the percentage of application failures is very, very high. My examples above are all web apps, but the same holds true for all other types of applications.

On a positive note, I can't imagine that I'll be out of work any time soon. There are too many bugs to fix!