Drinking the OmniWeb juice

by Giles Turnbull

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Hi, it's me again. The browser whore. Just thought I'd check in with an update on my latest on-a-whim switch.

I used to use Safari; I spent a long time with Camino; I spent some more time with Firefox, and most of the time I liked it, except when it crashed out on me, which several times made me so angry I went back to Camino for a few days, just to spite those Firefox bytes.

But I'd miss something, usually one of the Firefox plugins, and come crawling back.

But Firefox continued to annoy me. Every few tabs, it would start to slow down; the beach ball of doom started to become a regular feature on my computer, something I'm not accustomed to. Other apps seemed to be running slower whenever Firefox was alive (notably Eudora and NetNewsWire).

So I had an idea. Why not switch to OmniWeb? After all, I've never actually tried it as my default browser; I've only ever used it in test mode, trying out a few things for a few hours.

And you know something? I wish I'd done this ages ago. OmniWeb does as standard most of the things I was using plugins for in Firefox (like saved sessions), but it's also faster, easier on the system as a whole, and works with just about every web site or service I use on a regular basis. It doesn't hang. I can leave it open for days without concern. After just a couple of days trying it out, I'm finding myself very unwilling to switch back to one of those old browsers.

But hey, you know me, I'm a browser whore. I'll probably eat these words as soon as Camino goes 1.0, or when Firefox reaches 2.0, at which point I'll start moaning about OmniWeb not keeping up or something equally dumb.

Until that day comes, though, I'm drinking the OmniWeb juice, and mmmmm it tastes gooooood.

Oh, wait a minute. I haven't downloaded Opera 8 yet ...

Have you drunk from the OmniWeb carton? And is the Opera 8 download worth it?


2005-04-25 02:17:46
OmniWeb is great, but
I agree OmniWeb is very good, unfortunately Firefox is the only one which will show advanced markup in WordPress and also java-based advanced options in various CMS back-ends like WebEdition. :o(
2005-04-25 05:38:48
OmniWeb woe
Don't get me wrong, I like OmniWeb.

I've been a license holder for long enough, now. But when it comes down to precise page rendering and stable and reliable JavaScript rendering, OmniWeb has clear blue water in front of with the likes of Safari and Firefox sailing away ahead of it.

I'm working on a web-based groupware application, the goal of which is to use strict HTML & CSS standards.

When I point OmniWeb to what I'm working on, there are times when it's so flummoxed by what it's trying to render, the browser will either just hang or crash.

It's disappointing for a number of reasons, not least that the code is at times so simple I have no idea what the problem could be.

This is no failing on my part, I'm sure of that. OmniWeb just can't cope with what is essentially standard HTML & CSS where both Safari and Firefox exhibiting little or no problems at all...

2005-04-25 08:55:22
OmniWeb woe
Even now that OW is using WebCore/JSCore for rendering/interpreting?
2005-04-26 04:34:10
OmniWeb woe
Yes, I'm using the latest version and there's been no discernible improvement.

As far as I can tell, OmniWeb is not nearly as fast as Safari at rendering pages.

I use each browser for different things; OmniWeb for forum viewing / posting, Safari for news and 'blogging and Firefox for development and my time sheet software.

I've seen OmniWeb fall to pieces on some of the most trivial and mundane of websites with quite simple JavaScript and CSS.

There's a long way to go before OmniWeb is anywhere near as good as Firefox...

2005-04-27 00:39:37
OmniWeb woe
I hold an Omniweb license, and use it as my day to day web tool.
I think it is great, and 5.1 upgraded to the Safari 1.2 version of the webkit. That pretty much brought it into line with 1.2, although Ive seen it stumble on a few sites that Safari handles. Mostly sites from financial institutions ( why are they always the worst ones ? ).

The most apparent feature of Omniweb is also, I think, its biggest handicap. The web page thumbnails. They seem to use a lot of memory. My machine has its memory maxed with just 6 pages open ( 512mb ). It has 60mb resident, and 650 virtual, well over double the next offender.

Despite this Omniweb is far and away my favourite browser.