Drive-thru internet

by brian d foy

It's not really free wireless since I had only checked out of that hotel the same morning, but I had spent a day at a client's site where I wasn't allowed to use the network. No big whoop really, but I wanted to read my email before I made the three hour drive back home.

I stopped by the hotel and parked close the the building. I got signal. So far so good.

I had used their network that morning, so it had already authenticated my MAC address. Could I still get in? I think a smart admin would reset that table at noon, which is when everyone should have checked out.

No big surprise: I was able to log in.

So there I was, reading my mail and downloading a few things while sitting in my car: drive-thru internet!

Now I want a nifty key chain WiFi detector!


2004-09-25 03:41:51
That's a good idea. You can also do the same in front of a lot of libraries. I was recently stuck in upstate Maine with no cell phone reception but was able to grab my email while parked in front of the town library.


2004-09-25 18:07:09
Community centers are good, too
There's a really neat diner on Market Street in San Francisco right across from the Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Youth Center--I've spent several pleasant breakfasts free-riding on the deliberately open access.
2004-09-26 10:19:41
I took a vacation in Vancouver BC some months ago, and the hotel had free wireless WiFi, available to anyone (no signing up at all). But my crummy TiBook could not get reception from parking lot, I had to go inside.
2004-09-28 12:16:20
Best watch out in front of the library!
2004-09-28 12:46:29
Thanks for the link!

I followed a few links from that and ended up at a link at Netstumbler which cites some specific laws.