Dual Booting Vista & Linux Using Vista's Boot Manager

by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate and Enterprise Editions have the new BitLocker Drive Encryption feature that using the Trusted Platform Model (TPM) to secure data on your hard drive (I wonder why the Vista Business Edition does not support BitLocker). Port 25 reprints (with permission) a blog item by Microsoft France's Cyril Voisin that provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to dual-boot Linux with Windows Vista on a hard disk using BitLocker.

Using Vista's Boot Manager to Boot Linux and Dual Booting with BitLocker Protection with TPM Support

CentOS4 Linux running on Windows Vista using Virtual PC 2007My personal preference is to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run Linux along side Vista in a virtual machine (see screen cap on the left).

Virtual PC may not be a good solution for everyone though. For example, if you need a high resolution display or use any number of USB devices, you will want to run Linux natively.

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