Dublin Java Meetup

by Paul Browne

Related link: http://java.meetup.com/15/

Us folks in Dublin, Ireland sometimes get jealous of the amount of get-togethers that are available to you guys in the states.

OK, it's less than 300 Dollars and 5 hours to get to New York for us, but while that's ok for popping over for some of the bigger/more interesting conferences, it's not really an option for the more informal get togethers to put faces to the names of people we see online.

Luckily, we now have the Dublin Java Meetup, an event where we meet up, talk Java , and basically find out some good ideas of what other people are up to.

In the spirit of Irish hospitality, all O'Reilly Weblog readers are invited along if they're in the neighbourhood. You'll need to be quick - the next meeting is on Tuesday 15th November. Luckily, there will be follow ups the 1st Tuesday of every month, so feel free to drop in then.

With the original Guinness Brewery just down the road, we can guarantee that this event has the best pint of any techie gathering!

What do you think? Are you booking your plane tickets now?