Duplicate feeds from freeroller folks

by Dion Almaer

I don't know about you, but I subscribe to some nice folk who blog on freeroller.net (which is a nice service). However, my aggregator seems to like to download the same RSS items again and again (from time to time). It seems to get tricked by the URL changing in the RSS feed from: http://roller.anthonyeden.com/* to http://www.freeroller.net/* and back, and also http://freeroller.net/*. Is this just me? How come the URL changes on some of the RSS feeds?

For example, I have 3 items with exactly the same content, but pointing to:

  • http://roller.anthonyeden.com/page/ceperez/20030628#principles_of_loosely_coupled_api

  • http://www.freeroller.net/page/ceperez/20030628#principles_of_loosely_coupled_api and back

  • http://freeroller.net/page/ceperez/20030628#principles_of_loosely_coupled_api

  • If even just the <guid> element in the RSS feed didn't change, then the RSS readers would be able to detect the duplications.


    2003-06-30 07:26:55
    Is Freeroller really that nice?
    I've been finding far more often than not that its down, giving me Internal System Errors or not connecting to it at all. I find I'm not reading some of what seems to be the more interesting items that get posted there, simply because at the time I see it, freeroller's down (*again*) and too many other things come in so that once it returns, I've already forgotten what it was I was going to look at...
    2003-06-30 13:29:17
    It's one of the most annoying things to do. I have a feeling that Anthony Eden is just trying to popularize his own domain. I did write checks for www and without www type duplicateness but freeroller feeds are saying that for the same content, there are 3 different links. No way at all to detect duplicatedness in a general way!
    2003-06-30 13:52:44
    Freeroller "serversided"
    I think that freeroller may have gotten "serversided", which is a tamer version of being "slashdoted" :)