Early Wednesday links and observations

by Giles Turnbull

Macintouch published a survey of MacBook reliability which makes interesting reading. The black MacBook I was sent for review this week was DOA, hopefully a working machine will arrive soon...

An analyst's predictions for WWDC; I agree, I think iPod stuff will be held over for a separate event.

Prettying up the Finder. Anyone else think the Finder's sidebar might start to look like Mail's? Hmmm.

Mojo, a new OS X editor aimed at web developers, is approaching a beta release...

Rentzsch has details of an OS X Server Firewall Serial Hole, video walkthrough included.

The TidBits team want a special editor, something that would work like a GUI front end to subversion. A text tool for groups of writers (and yes, they've tried SubEthaEdit - it's not quite what they're after). They're looking for comments on a serious RFP document - go have your say.


2006-08-02 12:36:41
Mojo's been close to beta for a while now? Post you refer to is more than half a year old.
2006-08-03 12:41:17
"What will Apple announce at WWDC06? There will no doubt be some surprises, but here are some well known inevitabilities, some reasonable possibilities for new apps, new UI, and new hardware, and a few commonly repeated ideas that - sorry - have no chance!"

Leopard Predictions for WWDC 2006

2006-08-06 12:41:10
@ Mike: apologies, my error. Should have checked the date more carefully.