East Coast Mac User's Lament

by Tom Bridge

Related link: http://www.macworldexpo.com/live/20/media//news/CC518319

I can't make it to San Francisco this year for Macworld Expo.

It's killing me.

Intel laptops. iLife '06. Predictions of home media centers and Front Row for all. It's enough to make me itch like the addict I am. But how am I supposed to get my fix? I just know that because I can't be there this year that Apple will do something super crazy cool that I will want, but can't see.

In the past, Apple has streamed the Keynote live to the world, but even despite the gajillions of dollars they have in the bank this year (thanks in no small part to the four iPods a friend of mine bought this Christmas), they won't be doing it again this year. This causes junkies like me to refresh sites like MacMinute and TUAW in order to get just the barest of snippets from inside Moscone. If you've ever seen

Once upon a time, they even satellite-cast the Keynote to the Apple Retail Stores, but all five locations in DC have said they're not going to be doing anything for the Keynote this time round. And of course, it's not like I can look forward to a short train ride to New York this summer to catch Steve at the Javits Center, since IDG and Apple are feuding about the summer conference and Apple's presence there, too. And I surely can't afford a WWDC junket, not with a $1500 pricetag.


How's a guy to cope?

How are you coping if you can't be there?


2006-01-06 10:59:29
What's the big deal of watching the keynote and wasting all that time?

Just ignore everything until noon PST, then read the Mac news sites and learn all of the announcements in 5 minutes. :-)

2006-01-06 16:06:46
I'm hoping for a quick posting of the video, but...
...I know what you mean. I live within 25 miles of Boston, and I haven't had a satisfactory Mac trade show experience for years.
2006-01-06 16:19:57
You miss the feeling and seeing the things working. I must see.
2006-01-06 16:33:32
Sites posting live updates during the keynote was (and still is) always less frustrating and more informative than trying to watch the suboptimal broadcasts. If anything's still worth watching I'll download the keynote later and skip to specific parts of interest.