Easy Blogs from Aperture to iWeb

by Charlie Miller

As the newest addition to the Inside Aperture team, one of my primary focuses will be sharing ideas about what to do with your images once you have imported them into Aperture. I'll look at a photo workflow that revolves around getting images out of Aperture and into your other projects on your Mac. From my experience, working with Aperture users on a daily basis, most don't realize the the types of easy workflows that this integration makes possible.

For example, Aperture's Web Journal tool is great for laying out a website with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. But consider the photographer who is traveling abroad on a shoot and wants the ability to post sample images and entries to a blog each day. For this, iWeb really shines. To see how, first be sure you've run Software Update and updated both Aperture and all the iLife apps to their most recent versions. Also, if you want one-click publishing capabilities, I recommend purchasing a .Mac membership - otherwise you'll need to deal with uploading your site to the server that your web host provides.

Now launch iWeb and create a new page based on one of the Blog themes. Add a new entry and click the Media button to bring up the iLife Media Browser. You'll see that your entire Aperture library - including Projects and Albums - is available for drag-and-drop into iWeb. Drop an image onto the placeholder, enter your post in the text box (replacing the default text), and click Publish. That's it... iWeb takes care of building the page and managing the back-end engine that organizes your entries. After the page is published you can visit the site. You'll also see that iWeb builds a homepage for the blog with recent entries and an individual page for each entry. It also builds an archive page for older posts.

This Aperture/iWeb integration is made possible by the fact that Aperture generates high-quality JPEG previews of your images that are available through the iLife/iWork Media Browser and through drag-and-drop portability. You don't even have to be running Aperture at the time. As Aperture continues to mature and competition increases from Lightroom and other third-party apps, this integration will continue to be a major benefit of Aperture.

In the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more ideas on integrating Aperture with iLife and iWork. I'll also look at getting images into Final Cut Studio for more advanced slideshows and DVD authoring.


Saul Pradin
2007-03-30 10:54:23
This is brilliant!
Mike Rothfeld
2007-03-30 12:17:54
Charlie, it's great to see you are still using your skills to improve people's creative lives. All the best!
Brad Gilley
2007-03-30 18:54:54
Great post! What an interesting point. I look forward to reading more from you Charlie!
2007-03-31 06:00:29
Glad you're going in this direction...I would love to use Aperture to lay out and upload to my website -- is this possible? I would even be willing to purchase iWeb services if that is the only way (even though I assumed that feature would be a natural part of any image management software by 2007!). I would also love to create client slideshows on dvds, another feature I assumed Aperture would have -- any insights? Can't figure it out! (I'm not a MacHead)
Charlie Miller
2007-03-31 07:10:10
Smedleh: Aperture includes two tools for website layout and design. The Web Gallery tool builds thumbnail galleries from your images. Web Journal allows more custom layout and customizable text boxes. As for DVD slideshows, stay tuned... I'll be covering that soon.
2007-03-31 17:45:26
great, thanks!
Jon Buckland
2007-04-01 17:41:29
Very good. It's just this kind of funtionality that Aperture needs to be a real prt of the Apple family. i-Life may be simplistic, but these built in - always ready tools should be able to interact with all the pro tools.

I'll stay tuned

Marie Boyer
2007-04-02 03:27:22
Excellent. Just the substance I am looking for.

Will the steps to Final Cut Studio be the same as for Final Cut Express? I would love to learn how to move photos from Aperture into FCE for DVD/slide show creation.

I borrowed an "Aperture to iDVD" automator action from the automator website. Made one very quickly but the DVD was very jittery on my television. As such, it is just not useable. I want to be able to produce these quickly and without all the jitter -- and without buying any third party software. I have FCE and suspect it may be the best option?

Eager to read more. Thinking about getting a subscription to iWeb. Your blog may just get me there!

2007-04-03 21:36:26
I too have used this combination in the past. The problem with iWeb is that it creates propritary pages which makes it hard to move. Also, it is very difficult to create a 2 level menu. For example, top level "Travel BLOGs", which sub-levels for different countries, where each sub-level is a multi-entry BLOG entry with text and photos.

I am hoping that some of these problems will be fixed in the next version of iWeb.

2007-04-04 14:33:08
Nice slideshows with FCE ?
I can't wait !

Keynote is also a option...but is there a way to avoid resizing the images ?

Sly Artwork
2007-07-18 15:14:26

An idea on integrating Aperture with iWeb :
iWeb should be abble to integrate the full capacity of the Blog Page or the Galery Page of Aperture.
That will be a workflow : you shoot images, you stock them in aperture, you play with (treatment), you organize (Album, IPTC), you define what you ant to show (Blog or Gallery Page), you create your page in iWeb and refer to a Blog or Gallery Page from Aperture... and that's it.
If you change your blog page in aperture, iweb publish the difference, and that's it...
Hum, tomorrow will be another wonderfull day.