Easy Trick for Cleaning Up Keywords

by Ken Milburn

It is so easy to add keywords to whole groups of images that I'd be willing to bet that a lot of images have inherited keywords that you never meant them to have. For instance, you can highlight a whole series of images that contain the same category of subject matter. However, chances are that many of them also contain other types of subject matter. So you tend to put all the types into the Keyword Tags box and then hit Return/Enter...thus assigning them all to all the images. Then, because you're always in a hurry, you select the next group and do the same thing.

Before you know it, you have hundreds (or even thousands) of "stray" keywords in your images. Later, you go to the Find Panel and enter Man. Though you suddenly see hundreds of pictures of men, you also see a few pictures of kids, a pretty fair number of pictures of women...and even a few kitty cats that have no man in the frame with them. Well, you can get rid of the pictures that don't pertain by highlighting them and then deleting the errant Keywords that show up in the keywording panel. To be sure, that is a big help in itself. But why not just clean up your whole library? The next paragraph will tell you how: