EclipseCon: Red Hat Developer Studio and more...

by Steve Anglin

On Monday, news broke from EclipseCon: Red Hat JBoss announces a partnership with Exadel. Eclipse based Exadel Studio is now open source and going into for continued development and merging with JBoss IDE, etc. This will be called Red Hat Developer Studio IDE platform.


2007-03-06 14:01:22
It is critical that java have an answer to MS Studio. Exadel studio is an excellent step along this road. But java still trails MS visual studio and needs to catch-up quickly or lose even more market and mind share to MS.

2007-03-07 09:26:15
Gavin and Team is on fire. His passion shows, just look at the roadmap and the pace of releases at the SEAM project. Exadel is already a decent environment. I think by year-end they will have something to compete with the MS toolset. Also RoR has really started to change the way Java developers think of software development. I am sure they will find the sweet spot between the two paradigms.