Editors at war

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

It is no secret for anyone remotely surrounding me, I am a big Bare Bones fan. BBEdit is the application I run most and Mailsmith is one of my 4 e-mail clients. Technical support at Bare Bones has never let me down and, overall, I have no real gripe about any of their software. (By the way, they didn't send me a free serial number for anything either so don't worry about the little rave review.)

If there is one thing I wouldn't call Bare Bones applications, it is «fun». BBEdit may be genius but it is not something you would launch when you're bored, just to put a smile on your face. Or is it? I recently, out of sheer boredom, scanned the credits of BBEdit and found

this little gem

hidden within.

I'm sure most long-time BBEdit power users will know it by heart (I'm slow at seeing this kind of things) but if it can put a smile on the faces of your coworkers on a gloomy Monday morning, I thought it was worth sharing.

Any application theme song you especially like?


2005-08-23 19:52:11
TextMate, on the other hand...
TextMate is an application that I'd call *fun*. It has so many useful features, and is so gracefully designed, and exploring the possibilities is a pleasure, as is finding out that it can do what you need it to, when you're working on some project.