Effective XSLT?

by Michael(tm) Smith

Elliotte Rusty Harold's Effective XML is one of my favorite XML books. The site for the book describes it as "a collection of guidelines and best practices for using XML. It focuses on using and developing XML applications, with a particular emphasis on aspects of XML that are often misunderstood or misapplied." Some of the chapters, such as the Allow All XML Syntax chapter, contain advice on avoiding mistakes that others have made, while other chapters, such as the Catalog Common Resources chapter, provide details about XML-related technologies that aren't quite as widely used as they might be.

Anyway, when I'm doing XSLT work, I sometimes find myself wishing I had a similar Effective XSLT book. XSLT, like most languages, sometimes provides more than one way of accomplishing the same task. Some of the ways are probably better than others. Not being as familiar with XSLT as I should be, I would find it useful to have a book around that provides some guidance.


2005-08-02 01:36:31
Best practices for XSLT
I think I have read such a book: "XSLT
fondamental, avec 20 design patterns prêts à l'emploi" by Philippe Drix, including XPath and XSLT basics in a first part, and best practices with 20 design patterns (some of them I use on a regular basis like "Same but different" ("Copie non conforme").
Sadly, it is in french and I don't know if a translation to english is available or planned.