Effortless and reliable - Rich Siegel on Yojimbo

by Giles Turnbull

Last week's release of Yojimbo by Bare Bones Inc showed that the company is not content to rest on its BBEdit-colored laurels. Lots of people had lots of questions following Yojimbo's release, and earlier today I had a chance to put some of those questions to Bare Bones boss Rich Siegel.

Siegel denies that the app is part of a diversification effort by the company, which relies on continued sales of BBEdit for a large part of its income. Instead, he says, Yojimbo was a long time in the making, and like BBEdit and Mailsmith, resulted from one of the Bare Bones team feeling the need for a specific function.


June Lester
2006-01-31 18:25:11
"Others ask you to conform to the designer's view of how you should structure your data" - true, but Yojimbo asks that you subscribe to the view that data encryption is important, and puts an eye-distracting yellow band over every entry to make sure you think about it. I just want to collect stuff - I rarely want to encrypt it - please put in a preference to hide the yellow band. Otherwise, Yohimbo is great.
Robert Floyd
2006-01-31 21:14:23
Yojimbo does allow you to hide the encryption band. Look under View/Hide Encryption Bar.
Anonymous User
2006-02-04 15:58:47
Can someone explain how hierarchical folders are really any harder to set up and maintain than smart folders?
Phil Sanders
2006-02-04 20:12:01
I like how it integrates with Spotlight. However, the built-in search is fairly limited as I think you can only search for items by one word or the exact phrase.
2006-02-04 20:24:41
Can someone explain to me how this software differs, or is the same as, Process from Jumsoft?


2006-02-05 09:20:14
I'm amazed that they did not include smart folders. That and the fact that it won't accept to store images makes me wonder what they were thinking about.

In this day and age, smart folders seems like an obvious feature, so why not include it?

And about hierarchial folders: including the feature does not mean that you complicate things for the user. Not including it (and not having smart folders) means that you'll get silly folders like "Project A - March", "Project A - April", and so on. I want, and I need, to sort my things using more than one criteria.

And images, that's just plain silly. When I downloaded Yojimbo I first thought that it would be a nice way of sorting some random things that are lying around in my Documents folder, but as it turned out, Yojimbo accepts only half of them, because the other halv is images. I don't think those images belong in iPhoto, to me they are documents, and related to other documents that Yojimbo happily accepts.

"Others ask you to conform to the designer's view of how you should structure your data"

Yojimbo very much imposes a structure on you: a shallow structure, forcing you to search by keyword every time you need something. It may work with a hundred files, but not with a thousand or more.

2006-02-06 06:50:28
Yojimbo is a little too simple minded. I really liked Hog Bay Notebook (which the developer no longer supports) because I could toss anything into it, put stuff in folders or not, structure what I wanted to, find anything in the mass with a strong flexible Search. I hoped Yojimbo might be a supported replacement, but it's too limited in what it can take and what can be done with the content. Maybe Siegel should take another look at iTunes 6, which is easy to use but with more layers of complexity.