eGovernment Open Source items: MIT/Harvard FOSS repository; Project Leopard announces 1st project

by Todd Ogasawara

I was told about two interesting eGovernment Open Source news items today.

1. MIT/eCAP, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and State of Massachusetts Team for State and Local U.S. Government Open Source Code Initiative and Repository

2. Project Leopard released Leopard 1.0 described as LAMP eGovernment Database Project offers state and local governments a free open source, web-enabled system for use in quickly setting up public information sites. You can also use this system for government-to-government web sites as well. Government Computer News (GCN) provides a bit more background on this item.

For those interested, I tend to blog Open Source in Government items on my personal site on a more-or-less regular basis: Open Source in Government blog

Any other Open Source in Government news items?