Eisner, on Jobs.

by William Grosso

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In a recent speech, Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, talked about Steve Jobs. From the article:

"He created the computer, or at least Windows, or whatever he created, and did a good job," Eisner said to peals of laughter from analysts attending the company conference in Orlando, Florida.

I don't quite get the hilarity, but it's interesting. Either Eisner is deliberately putting down our industry, or he really doesn't know what Steve Jobs has done.

In either case, kind of fascinating.

Does Eisner really think Jobs invented Windows?


2004-02-14 15:11:51
How is that even remotely humorous?
If it was a good barb, I would be the first to laugh, but I just don't get it.

BTW, Mr. Eisner, he is also leads the company that makes the world's greatest animated films for the past 10 years as well. That is something you should know about, regardless if you know nothing about computing itself.

2004-02-14 17:09:47
How is that even remotely humorous?
Eisner may have been deliberately ignoring Jobs' Pixar connection since Pixar have not renewed their distribution deal with Disney.
2004-02-14 19:26:29
Kinda short sighted
. ... I find it a little interesting that Michael Eisner, can say "He created the computer, or at least Windows, or whatever he created, and did a good job," ... while at the same time other people are saying that Michael never created anything and is not even good at his job.
2004-02-15 00:59:23
How is that even remotely humorous?
The barbs keep flying. Jobs recently called Disney creatively bankrupt.from http://www.ktvu.com/news/2819717/detail.html "The truth is there has been little creative collaboration with Disney for years," Jobs said. "You can compare the creative quality (of Pixar films) with the creative quality of Disney's last three films and judge each company's creative ability yourselves." http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/03_06/b3819096.htm has a good writeup of the money involved. " Since 1999, Pixar has contributed $682 million in operating income, or 35% of Disney's studio profits" Then again i'm sure Steve is still pissed about Eisners singaling out of Apples "Rip, Mix, Burn" campaign in front of congress. In my eyes Disney has a lot to loose. Who here thinks a Disney produced Toy Story 3 will be any better than Treasure Planet or Atlantis?
2004-02-15 05:54:30
How is that even remotely humorous?
Well, Jobs created (or rescued from Xerox) the mouse/windows interface that Microsoft imitated for Windows-with-a-capital-W ... so it's droll, anyway
2004-02-16 06:06:42
How is that even remotely humorous?
I'd be surprised in Jobs even thinks about Eisner's comments regarding "Rip, Mix, Burn" any more. Apple is now viewed as more of the music biz's savior than vilain.

Instead, I think Job's comments are much more immediate in origin. Eisner's popularity with his board and Disney progeny is very low, so he's left open to criticism. And Eisner, finding himself criticized, responds the way many of us in his situation would: by throwing in a few barbs of his own. There's a bit of playground behavior on both sides.

Hey, even the rich and powerful have their childish moments.

2004-02-20 09:11:16
Kissing Steve Job's , hmmm
I don't see why people love to kiss other people's ehhh, anyway I don't see the point. Very same people don't see a problem attacking or putting down Bill Gates for his contributions. I think it is a shame that we see such people's articles or notes here. They don't deserve any respect at all.
2004-02-20 09:23:52
I'm not sure what you're referring to
I don't think the article kisses other people's "ehhh." It's more noticing the vast culture divide between software and movies (the audience laughed at a statement I don't even understand).

Nor have I ever written anything attacking or putting down Bill Gates.

Sorry you didn't like it.