E-Mailable Proof Sheets

by Ken Milburn

The one thing that the Print Module doesn't do that I wish it did is make it easy to send proofs to clients...especially those who don't know much about computers. You see, being out of the country has a cruel way of teaching you the need for such things. Just before I left, I had a portrait shoot with a terrific jazz singer, Dianne Zellers, who's musical career is rapidly rising. But in the hassle of getting everything ready to go, there just wasn't time to process the photos;and by the way, Dianne knew that before we did the shoot. However, I thought it would be no problem to process the photos in Costa Rica in Lightroom, then just send her a slide show. I did that, but she didn't know how to open a PDF file. She has a boyfriend who knows all about such things, but it just happened that he was pretty ill at the time. There was no easy place to put a private web gallery, either. So I thought: How about making a proof sheet in the Print module, then emailing her the proofs?

Ah. Now that looked really nice. You can see the result below.
Proof Sheet for email.jpg


2007-10-01 04:04:19
Another solution is to print to PDF. On Mac OSX this is built in, while for Windows you can get the open source pdfPrinter.
2007-10-04 10:19:33
I think the problem was that the client didn't know how to open pdf files, that's why Ken resorted to screen copy type of a thing.

Maybe even better would be rather straight export to e-mail with HTML coding to make it look like a proof sheet. Should be quick and easy to do.