Emerging (Markets) Telephony

by Imran Ali

Looks like Nokia's heeding the research of staffer Jan Chipchase in their design of handsets for emerging markets.

Matt Web noted in his recent keynote at Reboot, that a new range of Nokia phones addresses the social use of handsets in India and China...

They're for the emerging markets of India and China. There, the context of use of the mobile is the whole village.

  • The phone tends to be shared by a family, so each one stores 5 distinct addressbooks

  • There's often one mobile per village, which is rented out. These home can have pre-set call time/cost limits, so make renting out easier. They come with a built in business model

  • It turns out that after voice calls and texting, two major uses of a phone are as a clock, and as a torch. So there's an external screen showing the time, and a torch built-in

  • There's a teaching mode

  • And these phones are cheap. Like, 40 euros cheap

  • I'm impressed to see such a huge corporation building products in such a progressive way.

Well done Nokia :)


2007-06-11 13:37:34
Maybe emerging countries doesn't need $ 100 laptop per child but a Ultra Mobile PC ?
With internet from day on as the most important feature besides calls and contacts ( with maps etc. )