Emerging Technologies in 2003 & Predictions for 2004

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://emergentreport.com/archives/000070.html

My look back on emerging tech in 2003 and some predictions for 2004.

To whet your appetite...

"Going forward in 2004...

* Howard Dean loses, but not by much, to Bush. Campaigning for 2008 started by blogsphere immediately by the voters! Bloggers realize they are the power & fork their first candidate after scandal rocks support. Next day entire blogosphere is behind another candidate. O'Reilly launches new Hacks book: Politics Online Hacks (just kidding).

* Legislation is versioned via CVS."

I know predictions are a dime a dozen, but they're still fun since a lot of folks aren't back to work yet from the holidays. What are yours?


2004-01-02 13:52:22
shes the 2008 dem blogs or not.