Emerging Telephony and Podjacking

by Daniel H. Steinberg

Our regular podcast Distributing the Future is back with a show we call Emerging Telephony and Podjacking.

In the first half of the program Surj Patel talks about some of the VOIP applications and helped me understand that VOIP is more than just free or inexpensive telephone calls. He gave examples of hospital communication, talking parking meters, and a translation service. Cool stuff. He's putting the final touches on the program for the upcoming ETel Conference.

The remainder of the program looks at what has been called podjacking. Erik Marcus signed up for a keyword service with George Lambert so that people could more easily find his podcast. Erik claims that George published an unauthorised RSS feed that led to his podcast being podjacked. George claims that he provided a service that did exactly what he advertised it did. We invited each to present their side of the story and you will hear their explanations in their entirety (there are lawyers involved here).

(Thanks to Bruce Stewart for pointing out that this post was initially mistitled)