Energy innovations for the IT developer to consider?

by Steve Anglin

I was pleased to see the listing of the forthcoming O'Reilly Energy Innovation Conference, and wondered... how can Java and IT developers in general participate?


2007-03-02 02:32:38
How about simply working from home?

Having hundreds of thousands of cars sat in traffic twice a day just so people can sit at a computer is nuts! Fuel is energy, so why burn it at all if there is an alternative?

How about shutting down your PC fully when you go home?

This drives me nuts, why don't people just switch their computers off rather than leave them on all night? Same goes for IT projects, why do we have servers on all night doing builds when there is no-one there to care?

Stop looking to technology to fix bad behaviour. Take responsibility for your own energy use, and make little improvements whenever you can.

2007-03-05 17:46:04
Yes, I agree, for those who have jobs that could be done at home on a computer. Just imagine the $, time, and eco saved from this.

But company politics and dated thinking will prevent this for a few more years, at least.

Our government should step in more and actively promote telecommuting via tax credits, etc. for companies to act.