Enhancing Images with Lightroom Presets

by Michael Clark

This week I have been shooting rock climbing in Devils Tower National Monument in the hinterlands of Wyoming. It has been a long week of heavy packs and hard work. But I also had the chance to photograph an incredible musician and help her produce images for an upcoming album. Her name is Jessica Kilroy and she is an incredible singer and songwriter - check her out on iTunes. I highly recommend her music - I was blown away.

Back to the images, we went out and shot in a meadow just next to Devils Tower and using a strobe captured some very nice images. I wanted to ad an artistic touch to the images that would really make them stand out on the album cover.

Picture 1.jpg
Develop module with the Lightroom presets panel open on the left.

Once I imported the images I had Jessica make her selects in Lightroom - which she picked up super fast. Then I went to work on a few of the images to show her some possibilities. Below is the result of my initial processing.

Image as it was initially processed - a very good start.

I liked the image as it was processed above but wanted to play around with it a little more. At times like this I often go over to the Lightroom Presets panel and see what kind of results I can get with the built in presets. I selected the "Aged Photo" preset and really liked the desaturated look of the image (see below).

Image after applying the Lightroom preset "Creative- Aged Photo"

I don't know if this image will make the cover of her next album but it was fun to see just how fast Lightroom can help create distinctive images.

That's it for this session. See you next week...

Adios, Michael Clark


Massimo B.
2007-09-10 03:04:29
Interesting post, gives insight on your work, but frankly it's not very useful from the "Inside Lightroom" point of view, we all know how to play with presets...
Stew Stryker
2007-09-10 09:53:55
Unlike Massimo, I thought this was a great article showing how you could quickly get a great result by sitting the client down in front of Lightroom and letting them choose their favorite shots. Then you can quickly generate a nice set of variations using the Presets.

I'm really enjoying how quickly I can Select/Reject in Lightroom too.

Last week my wife needed me to do a little photo shoot for her work and I shot 26 frames of the single object. I reviewed them and eliminated the obvious clunkers, then sat her down in Loupe mode and had her use P(ick)/X(reject). We finished with Survey mode and she had her 2 favorites. She found it very easy to do, even though she considers computers a necessary evil so wants things as simple as possible.

2007-10-29 12:02:45
Yuck, you took a nice colorful photo and fucked it up. Flat, boring, ugly. Sepia tone and cracking would look much cooler.