Enterprise System Management: design patterns and agents

by Andy Oram

System and network monitoring is one of the many fragmented fields in computing that could use better integration. Right now, 49 leaders of the field are meeting in Austin, Texas at a BarCamp under the sponsorship of BMC Software and its Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy, William Hurley, along with the Zenoss open source monitoring project. In addition to Hurley, the BarCamp is organized by Mark Hinkle of Zenoss and John Willis of the Zabovo training company. The BarCamp includes proprietary vendors as well as free software projects. Major announcements: a new Open Management Consortium will develop standards for a enterprise system monitoring agent and enterprise monitoring design paterns. The OMC Design Patterns project plans to create a domain-specific pattern language and a repository for patterns. The agent, I suppose, will define and provide protocols for handling the patterns.