Enterprise Tweaked PostgreSQL Solution - Oracle Killer?

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://www.enterprisedb.com

The PostgreSQL database project has been seen as the enterprise version of an open source database for some time and now it is getting a big shot at the new "open source in the enterprise" surge.

Enter EnterpriseDB today. The company has built what is essentially an extended version of PostgreSQL with specific "for enterprise" additions. Sick of paying out the nose for Oracle? Drop in EnterpriseDB and fugitaboutit. From their PR today: "..including compatibility with many applications written for Oracle databases. This capability is implemented through compatible SQL syntax, datatypes, triggers and native stored procedures and results in dramatic cost reductions in both application migration and skills re-training."

I had a chance to talk to Andy Astor about the app after OSBC this year & when he told me it had Oracle compatible SQL syntax etc. my jaw dropped. My one word response was "brilliant". No code rewrite. No retraining.

So, if you're a bit miffed at not having an open source database option in your biz (and you should be), I'd urge you to try out EnterpriseDB out in a test environment right away.