Equalité, Fraternité, iTunes Liberté

by Erica Sadun

Les Français announced today they were working on a law to open the iTunes music store to non-iPod players. Parliament member Christian Vanneste[1] wants to legalize DRM-defeating measures to enable content conversion between formats.


2006-03-13 15:05:17
Vanneste is a nutter and the main supporter for a new law called DAVDSI (kind of DMCA), that is restricting current copyright laws by considering that all internet users are illegally downloading and using digital contents.
French paradox ? yes with ADSL2+/Voip for most people but about to restrict what you can do on the Internet.
Erica Sadun
2006-03-13 15:31:41
Is that the law that's going to kill VLC?
2006-03-13 15:34:35
More details about the law : http://eucd.info/index.php?English-readers
2006-03-13 20:26:58
C'est "égalité", pas "equalité"
Erica Sadun
2006-03-13 20:47:01
Merci pour la correction. Je ne parle français pas.
2006-03-14 00:41:44
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Aristotle Pagaltzis
2006-03-14 17:46:24
Dito Ölbaum. Recommendation: use application/xml in place of text/xml.
2006-03-15 06:01:34
Le 26 janvier, Christian Vanneste, député UMP, proférait de nouveaux propos homophobes. Dans La Voix du Nord, il déclarait que « l’homosexualité est inférieure à l’hétérosexualité ». Face à des militants des Flamands Roses, il a affirmé, devant des caméras, que les homosexuels étaient hétérophobes, donc racistes, et que les homosexuels étaient nuisibles à l’intérêt général
Had Enough
2006-03-16 04:44:30
Fix this bloody feed or take it down!