by David A. Chappell

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a.k.a. SonicESB and Systinet Business Registry

Jon Bachman of Sonic and and Sean Kline of Systinet recently did a joint webinar on the subject of ESB, Web Services, and UDDI.
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The webinar was specifically about the synergies between SonicESB and the Systinet UDDI Registry, and how they work together in a real world scenario that has to do with financial services, funds management, and dynamic process alterations through the introduction of a compliance engine as a service.

This was extremely well done of both their parts, and I encourage folks to have a look at it. Using diagrams such as this one –


The webinar clearly outlines the roles of an ESB to connect, mediate, and control the interactions between trading applications as services, and the complementary roles of an ESB repository for bus configurations vs a UDDI registry for external service definitions.

I encourage you all to have a look and a listen. Its very enlightening.