ESB-CON II is now available for replay

by David A. Chappell

The ESB-CON II virtual conference that I wrote about here is now available for replay. To recap, ESB-CON II features descriptions and case studies of SOA projects that are based on experience with actual ESB deployments in Fortune 1000 companies. The vendors include Progress (Sonic), IBM, BEA, and Sun. The format of the event starts out with a panel style Q&A that includes a set of tough questions that require that the panelist talk about actual customer deployments. In addition to the recorded Q & A Session, there are vendor presentations in one-hour slots. In my slot, I talk about the SOA Maturity Model, referencing many F1000 customers, but feature the BGN Bookstore chain in the Netherlands, which is the world's first business to combine item level RFID tracking with a SOA throughout a supply chain. I also highlight a case of incremental SOA reuse as part of explaining the model.