ETech Conference Day 1: The kid is in the candy store.

by Timothy Appnel

Exhilarated. Frantic. Enlightened. Engaged. Over-caffinated. Spent. I have to sheepishly admit to being a kid in a candy store here at the ETech conference. And, as Ben Hammersley put it, its iBooks as far as the eye can see. (I'm carry a PowerBook and so is Ben so I don't know what he's talking about.)

I'm doing on-the-scene weblogging of the proceeding here. Many others are too. Today was an exciting day which included keynotes from Howard Rheingold, Eric Bonabeau and a panel on Digital Rights Management which included Cory Doctrow, Dan Gillmor, Bunnie Huang, Joe Kraus and Wendy Seltzer. Many other interesting conference sessions and many water cooler (literally) conversations in the halls. Capping of the day was a book signing event with an all-star cast of luminaries on hand. Great fun.

Tomorrow promises to be equally if not more exciting with keynotes from Alan Kay, Kevin Lynch and Clay Shirky. Stay tuned.