ETel 2008 Cancelled

by Bruce Stewart

I'm sorry to report that the 2008 O'Reilly Emerging Telephony conference has been cancelled. From the conference web site:

Due to changed circumstances since ETel 2008 was announced, we have decided not to move forward with the conference this year.

O'Reilly continues to be committed to exploring this space, and we welcome your interest and contributions to the conversation. Share ideas with us by sending a message to

We will also be winding down publishing on this site. It has been extremely interesting and rewarding for me to be involved with the ETel community these past couple of years, and I really appreciate the opportunity I've had to interact with you all. Thanks very much for your participation and support. I've learned a great deal and I know that the ideas and topics we've covered here will continue to push the communications envelope in many different ways. I'm sorry this site won't be one of the places where this discussion continues, but I look forward to working with all the people I've met from the ETel site and conferences on other projects down the road.


Lee Dryburgh
2007-10-13 08:53:59
Something is likely to go ahead instead under the name "EComm" outside of O'Reilly watch out the FB group here and watch out for mailing lists appearing (and later a site) at

2007-10-13 11:18:18
"Due to changed circumstances" -- this is a line from a bigcorp PR announcement, not something I'd expect to hear from an organization that groks blogging like O'Reilly. Is telephony no longer hot? Did somebody important drop out? Inquiring minds want to know.
Harvey Pengwyn
2007-10-18 05:11:23
I guess that the Tel emerged, looked around, and groundhog like disappeared back into its burrow.
Lee Dryburgh
2007-10-20 05:47:21
Something is going ahead and lets make it better than ETel! (watch the domain in ~21 days time) and join the FB group:

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