ETel Chairs Interviewed in VoIP-News

by Bruce Stewart

VoIP-News just interviewed Surj Patel and Nat Torkington, the program chairs of our upcoming Emerging Telephony Conference (January 24-26 in San Francisco). They talk about where they think the industry is now, where it's headed, and some of the regulatory challenges it will face.

VoIP-News: Now let's talk about where the market is headed right now. What do you see as the transformative developments that are taking place right now – that have happened in the past couple of months and that you anticipate in the next year?

Nat Torkington: I point to the Internet portals and say that when they have open standards for interconnectivity, so I can write an app that I can deliver through Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, then we have some serious deployment action. They have 19M IM users and it may soon be trivial to offer voice services to them. What does it look like when you make calls without a telco, when the whole Internet can become your office PBX?

Surj Patel: Think about the average business person with a handset – with storage the way it is now, you can compress and store and index a years worth of calls on a handset – then think about how you can do it on the network and come back and find it – just google it and index it and see what people actually said, follow up again with them, check the details, etc.

VoIP-News has also just launched a VoIP Information wiki, and they are running a contest to give away free passes to ETel for the four best additions made to the wiki before January 19.

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