ETel Conference: David Isenberg Does Dr. Seuss

by Bruce Stewart

David Isenberg is a rock star.

Called on at the last second to present here at ETel in place of a speaker who had immigration problems, David brought down the house with his impassioned plea to fight for Net Neutrality, all done in Dr. Seuss-like rhyme. A longtime observer of the telecom industry and fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, his insightful and witty commentary are familiar to many here in the audience, and his message couldn't have been more well-received.

I wish I could point to the text of his speech, but it's not online right now. David is putting together a conference event in Washington D.C. this April to further this cause, called Freedom to Connect. For more info check out

Update: David has now posted his poetic talk, I reccomend you go check it out!